Friday, September 19, 2014

Sleepless in Seattle

"You know what a really good idea is? To blog about something that I don't do in order to force myself to do it!" was what I told myself two weeks ago. It didn't work. I often do things like this, try to work myself into a corner so that I have to do something that I do want to, but am not particularly excited or enthusiastic about. I am referring to my 'read every week and blog about it' statement.

A couple problems came up, the first being that it was difficult finding the time to do the reading  which is why I don't read as much as I'd like to in the first place. The second being that when I did read, there wasn't a whole lot that I cared to say about it, so I wanted to pick a new book but could't find enough time to get into that too... so it all came crashing down.

Part of the reason that I wanted to do that was so that I wouldn't run out of things to say in the first week or two of blogging but as it turns out, I have a lot of topics that I can't wait to cover.

Since I recently posted about my experience on the farm this summer, I want to follow up with what it has been like returning to the city life... So far, not great. I mean, I love being able to see my friends and hang out more often but I am anything but a city-go-er.

Me cooking at my trailer :)

The first day back was a not-so-warm welcome. I had all my things in my car as I pulled up to my new apartment ready to meet my new roommate and pretty excited about the prospect of having a shower in the comfort of my own place. I walk up with my first box of things and I am told that the management hasn't come to clean the carpets yet so I can move in but I can't put anything on carpet. They're also cleaning the kitchen and bathroom so I can't put anything in there. The only spot this leaves is the 25sq ft balcony that's covered in pine needles and dirt. They also have no idea when they are going to be able to come by so I might just have to wait until tomorrow.

Well they did come by that day but then the carpet was wet so I didn't want to put my bed down for fear of keeping it damp and attracting mold. So my first night back in Seattle and I couldn't sleep on my bed. I ended up staying at a friend's place which was thankfully a block away. Except, they live right next to a loud bar on a main street so the whole night I was woken up by music and drunken yelling. The street lamp glaring into the window didn't help either. I didn't get much sleep, needless to say. On top of that I had to move my car in the morning because no place nearby allows all day parking, so anywhere that allows night parking doesn't allow morning and vice-versa.

I moved my car and went back to my place. The carpet was dry enough so I put down my bed and went back to sleep. Or, I tried. As you see, next door to my new place is a huge construction site, where, even with the windows closed, the machines make way too much noise to ever get any shut eye.

Doesn't my new room look so cozy? That was the first day, it's actually a little better now, but not by too much...

That was all just bad fortune on my first night back, and I knew it wouldn't stay that way, but a few things are permanent in the city. Like the lack of nature anywhere except tiny pockets; the constant noise of drivers and people talking and trucks backing up and sirens blaring; the need for me to wear shoes again; the pavement that covers everything. These are the things that really get to me. I need silence every once in a while, I need to feel surrounded by nature, and I love feeling grounded through my feet.

But I try to keep my head up. I wont be here for too long, so while I am I want to make the best of it. Good things about the city include: Friends and bars are always within walking distance, and often in the same location. There is always something new to try. I can always find something to do. I can eat all the thai and korean food!! Chipotle. If I need to go somewhere I can usually walk. It fuels my desire to homestead in the future.


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